1) SHARING THE WORD OF GOD. Learn in a simple way the wonderful Word of God through private Bible studies, or in small exciting friendly groups. Discover the wonderful treasure of God's grace and teaching.

2) BIBLE CORRESPONDENCE COURSE. Study the Bible by yourself, through "DISCOVER", the totally free correspondence course in 24 lessons. You can study the Bible according to your time and will. You will discover things you have never thought the Word of God with our help: ask us

3) LITERATURE AND RESEARCH. If you are looking for information about any relevant Christian topic, we will be happy to help you find what you need. Just ask and we will do our best to serve you.


4) BIBLE ON YOUR COMPUTER. Since you have a computer, why not installing the world-wide known Online Bible.
It offers a wide collection of Bible versions in all the most important languages of the world, Bible dictionaries and commentaries, plus theological studies on relevant issues. You can compare many different versions. When you are reading a text, you can compare it automatically with other Bible texts dealing with the same issue, and read what commentaries and dictionaries say about that verse or word. You can ask the program to search for you all the texts containing a word or a sentence. And all this totally for free. The  program is copyrighted  by Thimnathserah Inc., Winterboune, Ontario, Canada, NOB 2V0. You can get it in three ways:


A. Download it from

B. Order the CD containing about 600 megabites of material, or

C. Ask us to copy all you need on your hard disk. This is total legal on condition that the material is not copied on another CD. If you wish, we will also be happy to offer you a short tutorial course to learn how to get the most from the program.





5) TELEVISION THROUGH THE SATELLITE. Listen to the World of God, enjoy Christian music, share about family and social issues, through the Hope Channel.



6) FAMILY COUNSELING. Just a few families are untouched by problems, but all deserve love and joy. Pastor Ferraro can offer a reserved and friendly support.


7) MAGAZINE. Ask for a free subscription to "The Voice of Hope", a bimonthly magazine about Bible theology and Christian living. It is the first continuous Protestant magazine published in Malta. It conjugates honest search for truth with love and respect for other spiritual convictions.
Now you can download it from here


8) HELP TO STOP SMOKING. Yes, you can stop smoking with the five day "Breath-free Programme to Stop Smoking." You can recover your freedom and enjoy life in a much better way in a simple and natural way, without medicines, hypnotism, piercing and so on. If you wish to discover how to be free we can help. The "Breath-free Programme" is the first programme developed in the world to win the tobacco habit. You can also apply for a private programme.

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